Investing in therapy

Why investing in therapy?

Throughout life we must overcome many challenges. Although in many cases we can face them along, in other cases these challenges can be overwhelming. At this point is worth considering looking for a professional that can help us find the tools and strategies for overcoming our conflicts. Depending on what are you going through, we, as psychologists, can support you with individual, couple, and family approaches.   

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, hypersensitive, volatile, or aggressive. If you have obsessive thoughts or intrusive ideas. If identifying your emotions is difficult, your body and mind might be telling you that is time to check how things are going in your life.  

The symptoms mentioned above are commonly related to problems in your relationships with friends, colleagues or family; or other difficult situations like a lost or a traumatic event. Dealing with these conflicts in therapy can help you find a sustained relief and wellbeing.  

Couple therapy

Couples are not perfect and sometimes, despite love, the relationship can become difficult. If you are feeling that your relationship is not the same, there are constant fights and communication problems. If there are sexual difficulties, boredom and loss of interest. If there is jealousy, distrust, infidelity, you have three options: doing nothing and putting up with the situation, breaking up, or taking the crisis as an opportunity to learn and growth as a couple. Couple therapy can firstly help you defining which would be the best option and identifying the best strategies to deal with this option.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy​

Family conflicts can generate much discomfort, specially when the conflict persists for a long period of time. In some cases, changes required team work and family treatment is more efficient than individual therapy. A systemic perspective helps identify and treat the conflict from its root.  Our therapists are trained to identify which cases require a family approach. Family therapy can help the members to deal with losses, diseases, relocations, inheritances, parenthood, divorces, substance abuse, eating disorders, TDAH, bulling, among many others.

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